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World of Warships
What to expect:
  • Play Wargaming's naval war game for free
  • Unlock dozens of warships from World War 2
  • Join a team and battle it out against another team consisting of skilled captains
  • Choose between dozens of maps
  • Customize your battleship to make it even more powerful
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Massive Sea Battles in the free-to-play World of Warships!

World of Warships is packed full of explosive action and epic naval battles. Collect historical ships and take them into battle for free!


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a captain in control of giant naval war machines, then World of Warships is the perfect game for you. There are hundreds of ships from different countries around the world. If you want to take the helm of the mighty HMS Warspite, or fire the artillery of the iconic USS North Carolina, then download World of Warships today for free! The World of Warships release date has now passed, and it is no longer in open beta.

As a tactical naval based MMO, World of Warships tests your skills as a tactician as you do battle on the high seas. Once you have put on your captain’s hat and picked your ship of choice, you have to use strategy and skill to outplay the enemy team and land devastating blows with your massive artillery cannons. Check out our preview of the game here if you want to see the game in action. The World of Warships download is easy to do; you just need to click the “Play Now” button.

Historically Accurate Ships

For anyone that has played World of Tanks or World of Warplanes, this naval title from Wargaming works much the same. The game throws you into the heat of battle in a virtual ship based on real-world war machines. The ships have been designed based on their actual specifications, all the way down to the size of the guns, and how many anti-aircraft units there were. This is a great game for anyone interested in history. There are currently ships from 8 different countries in the game, including vessels from iconic navies such as the Imperial Japanese Navy, the British Royal Navy, and the United Stated Navy. Wargaming is constantly releasing updates to the game and introduces new ships all the time.

Four Ship Classes

Anyone that knows something about ships can tell you that it’s not just all about huge battleships with massive guns; there are also different classes of ships in World of Warships, much like there are different ships in the real world. If you want some help getting started, check out our class overview here.

  • Battleships: The battleships are the heavy-hitters in World of Warships. These are massive, slow-moving ships that can carry some massive guns. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a full battleship artillery salvo.
  • Destroyer: These are the silent hunters of World of Warships. They take a lot more skill to use as it’s important to remain unseen as you hunt battleships and aircraft carriers with torpedoes. We have a guide here to give you a head start.
  • Cruiser: The cruisers are a good mix between battleships and destroyers; they have good artillery, and also travel at a high speed. Their main weakness is that they can be sunk easily.
  • Aircraft Carrier: The backline of a World of Warships fleet. The carriers provide air support to spot destroyers and shoot down enemy planes, while using bombers and torpedo bombers to sink enemy targets. The aircraft carriers are very different to captain than the other ships, so we have a guide for beginners!

Multiple Game Modes

Captains have a wide range of different game types to play after downloading World of Warships. There are basic team battles, along with area capture, point capture, and even team battles. It’s easy to play online with your friends, and you can even find an invite code to get them involved. Wargaming have included Team Battles, where 7 players go head-to-head against another team of 7 to show who the best fleet on the waves is. If you have a few friends, then you’re well on your way to making a well-oiled tactical unit that can rain terror down onto unsuspecting enemies.

There are several game maps for players to explore in the online game World of Warships, each with varying weather conditions, and graphics that give you the impression of being directly in the heart of battle! This free-to-play action game is great for relaxing with some free time, so much so that we even added it to our Game of the Day list.

If World of Warships seems like something you’d, then click the button below and download the game for free!

World of Warships Screenshots

World of Warships Screenshot-0World of Warships Screenshot-1World of Warships Screenshot-2World of Warships Screenshot-3World of Warships Screenshot-4World of Warships Screenshot-5World of Warships Screenshot-6World of Warships Screenshot-7World of Warships Screenshot-8World of Warships Screenshot-9World of Warships Screenshot-10World of Warships Screenshot-11World of Warships Screenshot-12World of Warships Screenshot-13World of Warships Screenshot-14World of Warships Screenshot-15World of Warships Screenshot-16World of Warships Screenshot-17World of Warships Screenshot-18World of Warships Screenshot-19World of Warships Screenshot-20World of Warships Screenshot-21World of Warships Screenshot-22World of Warships Screenshot-23World of Warships Screenshot-24World of Warships Screenshot-25World of Warships Screenshot-26World of Warships Screenshot-27World of Warships Screenshot-28World of Warships Screenshot-29World of Warships Screenshot-30

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